01/17/2013 07:50 am ET Updated Jan 17, 2013

Actor Nathan Lane Discusses His Upcoming Role In "The Nance"

It's 1937, New York City Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia is closing the burlesque theaters, and one of his biggest defenders is Chauncey Miles who has the most to lose by the censorship.  Miles is, after, all an immensely popular entertainer whose career depends on playing the nance: a stock burlesque character that served as comic relief and object of ridicule in vaudvillian skits -- the gay equivalent to blackface. "He's kind of the victim of his own internalized homophobia," says Nathan Lane who will be playing Chauncey in the Lincoln Center Theater production of Douglas Carter Beane's "The Nance." "But there's a part of him that loves it! He's good at it. It's fun!"

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