01/17/2013 03:39 am ET

'Arrow': Oliver Comes Out Of Rehab To Take Down A Fiery Villain At Laurel's Request (VIDEO)

While the hooded vigilante faced off against a new villain with a penchant for fire on "Arrow," Laurel got her hands on the cell phone he'd given her father for communication. Oliver had been out of commission and in a personal rehab for the past six months, leave the Starling City wondering where the masked avenger had gone. They'd even come to start calling him a hero that was good for the city.

It took some pushing from Diggle -- and a plea from Laurel -- but Oliver finally got back out there in time to stop the villain, better known as Firefly to comic fans, and save the day. And Laurel used that cell phone to contact Oliver and pull him out of his malaise.

When her father found out she had the phone, he feigned anger to get it back. He then had an apparent change of heart and gave it back to her, but it was all so he could plant a device on it that would be able to back-trace any calls made. That way, the next time she contacted the vigilante, they could trace the signal and find out where he's at.

Find out if it works by tuning in to "Arrow" every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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