01/18/2013 09:43 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

Barista Nation San Francisco Latte Art Competition Begins Sunday

The Bay Area Coffee Community is looking to crown a Lacroix of lattes.

The newly-founded coffee organization is launching a six month latte art competition starting this weekend. (Those sweet foam hearts? Soon to be put to shame.) The event, titled Barista Nation San Francisco, invites local baristas to face off in an espresso-fueled creativity match. The ultimate coffee craftsman will be named at a grand prize competition in june.

“It’s a perfect way to celebrate the craft of coffee,” The Bay Area Coffee Community's Molly Gore told the Epoch Times. “It’s enormously entertaining, suspenseful, and whimsically outlandish if you’ve never encountered it.”

Judges will critique the latte entries based on six criteria including color contrast, harmony of the design, creativity of the pattern, difficulty of the pour, visual foam quality and overall aesthetics. Cafe representatives will serve as judges.

Thirty two baristas will compete in each of the six face-offs, which will take place in coffee shops throughout the Bay Area.

The Bay Area Coffee Community is an organization of coffee professionals who aim to connect coffee creators with consumers. Barista Nation San Francisco marks the organization's first large event.

San Francisco is no stranger to latte art. The Coffee Bar hosts an annual Latte Art Throw Down and Dolores Park Cafe held its own competition last july.

Check out some other incredible latte-creations below:

Latte Art