01/17/2013 04:41 pm ET

BART Silent Disco: ZEROdB Brings Headphone Rave To San Francisco Public Transit (VIDEO)

Forget no-pants BART ride. We're here for the silent disco.

Oakland-based company ZEROdB has been entertaining (or perhaps harassing) unsuspecting BART riders with a series of on-train silent discos, featuring a DJ streaming beats through wireless headphones that only the wearers can hear.

Every Saturday, the team finds a train, doles out boxes of headphones, sets up a mobile DJ station and gets the Richmond-Millbrae-Pittsburg-Bay Point party started.

Muni Diaries hosted a video of the madness, featuring silent dancers, confused riders and one good-humored BART cop.

The quiet craze is blowing up in the Bay Area. Last November, the Grand Hyatt near Union Square celebrated its grand reopening with a silent dance party. ZEROdb and other companies like Silent Storm Sound System frequently host silent discos in warehouses and public spaces throughout the city.

Waiting to catch the silent disco train? ZEROdB is all-aboard every saturday. Follow the company's facebook page to catch the next one.



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