01/17/2013 02:32 pm ET

Charlie Sheen To Be A Grandfather, But 'Nothing Is Going To Change Him,' Says A Friend

Charlie Sheen is going to become a grandpa when his oldest child, daughter Cassandra Estevez, gives birth later this year. But if you think Sheen, 47, plans to settle down and behave the way other granddads do, think again.

“Charlie is Charlie and nothing is going to change him,” a friend of the actor tells The Huffington Post. “He’s generous and giving and will spoil his grandkid something rotten, but he’s not going to stop being Charlie.”

Known for his life of wild partying and philandering, Sheen told David Letterman during an appearance on the "Late Show" Monday night, "Me as a grandfather, Dave ... I don't know. It's like the world's going to crack in half."

“Say what you want about Charlie, but he is great with kids. He loves all his children and is a great dad and will be a great grandfather,” a friend says. “Kids really dig him. It’s probably because he’s a big kid himself. It might be a little odd explaining granddad's 'goddess' when the baby gets a little older, but that's just the way his modern family rolls.”

Interestingly, Charlie’s two daughters with Denise Richards, Sam, 8, and Lola, 7, are going to have some fun grandpa stories of their own soon. Their mom's dad, Irv Richards, will be looking for love this season on Bravo’s "Millionaire Matchmaker." That episode airs Jan. 31 on Bravo.



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