01/17/2013 03:32 pm ET

Dominick Anderson Allegedly Kills Grandmother Beverly Holmes With Faux Elephant Tusk

A New York City man accused of beating his grandmother to death with a phony elephant tusk claims she was trying to have him killed, police say.

Dominick Anderson, 26, was arrested last month in the murder of 62-year-old Beverly Holmes, the New York Daily News reports.

According to court papers filed Wednesday, Anderson told investigators, “My mother told me that my sister and my grandmother Beverly Holmes were trying to set me up to get killed by some guys."

Police had responded to reports of a disturbance at Holmes' Harlem apartment on Dec. 20, and arrived to find Anderson, Holmes and Anderson's teenage sister involved in a brawl, with Anderson using a plastic pachyderm tusk as a weapon.

He allegedly turned the tusk on the officers when they tried to break up the rumble. One officer was taken to the hospital with a head wound, but was released a few hours later, according to the New York Post.

Anderson's mother -- and Holmes' daughter -- Mary Anderson, told officials that her son "has psychiatric problems" and "thinks my mother is doing the voodoo on him."

According to the Daily Mail, Dominick Anderson initially told officers he had become angry after he discovered a doll and pictures of himself in the closet, where Holmes "does her chanting every morning." He allegedly took the objects as a sign that his grandmother was trying to cast spells on him, and told officers, "I can’t believe my own family is trying to do this to me."'

He has been charged with murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and and assault.



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