01/17/2013 11:49 am ET

Gabrielle Swainson's Father Doesn't Think Missing Cheerleader Daughter Is Alive

The father of a 15-year-old South Carolina cheerleader missing since August doubts that she's still alive.

Gabrielle Swainson's father, Alvin Thompson, spoke to reporters after the suspect in his daughter's kidnapping was convicted on weapons charges on Tuesday, according to WLTX.

"I don't think she's alive," Thompson said. "There's been too much time."

Only one person can explain the disappearance, Thompson said, and that's Freddie Grant, a man with previous convictions for intent to distribute cocaine, aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Grant, accused of taking the teen from her Columbia home on Aug. 18, was convicted of illegally possessing ammunition. His criminal record prohibits him from owning ammo.

His daughter Dominique Grant, 27, testified that she'd brought .38 caliber bullets and shotgun shells to the house, but said she didn't leave them where police discovered them.

At his sentencing in April, Grant could get life in prison, the Columbia State reported.

Grant is also suspected in the disappearance of Adrianna Laster, a 28-year-old woman that lived with him, but hasn't been seen since the fall of 2011.



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