01/17/2013 03:32 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2013

Kaylee Cottrell, 9 Years Old, Says Boy Broke Her And Another Girl's Arms At School (VIDEO)

A 10-year old boy broke the arms of two girls at school and has not been suspended from school, according to one of the girls, 9-year-old Kaylee Cottrell.

Cottrell, who attends Hamlin Street Elementary School, told CBS she was playing tag after school with the boy and her friend last Thursday when the boy turned on them.

She said the boy shoved her friend into a window and when she stepped in, "He pushed me against the table and hit me. He took my arm, he twisted it, pulled back, and then pulled up."

When she asked a coach for an ice pack, he told her that her arm looked fine, she recounted.

The Los Angeles Unified School District confirmed the incident and said the supervisor was terminated. The boy was suspended from the after-school program, though not from school. Tiffany Cottrell, Kaylee’s mother, said that's not enough.

“I feel scared. I feel like I’m going to get hurt again," Kaylee said in the video above.

Parents told CBS they were upset that they weren't notified about the assault and that they think the boy should be given counseling or expelled.



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