01/17/2013 02:27 pm ET

Kim Kardashian Talks Baby Names, Confirms Her Child Won't Be On TV

Kim Kardashian is due in July, which gives us but a mere six months to wonder what she and Kanye West will name their first-born child.

After Kim's sister Kourtney bucked the "K" name trend by naming her offspring Mason and Penelope, we can't say for sure if the Kardashian K name legacy will live on -- and neither can Kim.

"We're not sure yet," the 32-year-old told E! News, when asked what she plans to name her baby, adding that she and Kanye still "have to think about" whether they'll give their future child a "K" name.

"I have to discuss that with my boyfriend to see where we are. But we'll keep the name private, I think, whenever we decide," she explained.

Can Kim Kardashian really keep anything private? Well, she did manage to keep quiet about her fertility issues. During a recent interview on the "Today" show, the reality star revealed she too struggled like her younger sister:

"Khloe has been very open about her fertility issues and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine, and I have similar issues, and so it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and then the opposite happens," she said.

Pregnancy seems to have turned Kim into a very private person, as she adressed reports that her baby wouldn't appear on her reality shows.

"For me I will definitely enjoy my privacy and not have my child on TV," she told E! News.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West