01/17/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2013

Obama Inauguration 2013: The First Four Years In Photos And Tweets

On Jan. 20, President Barack Obama will be sworn into office, marking another four years of high hopes and measured expectations. In the images that follow, we revisit the milestones that shaped his first term in office, each one raising the temperature of the nation to varying degrees. Beginning with Nov. 4 2008, we view these moments through our culture’s wildly fluctuating barometer of public opinion: Twitter. It happens that the year Obama made history was also the year Twitter took off.. It grew in visitors by 752 percent in 2008, while Obama harnessed the platform to expand and mobilize his base of supporters. Ahead, see how the president has watched over the country in the years that followed Election Day ’08, and how the most spirited tweeters have in turn kept watch on him.

Capturing A Presidency: The Obama Years Pt. I

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