01/17/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated Jan 22, 2013

Rick Scott Supports Gun Law Review: 'I Want People To Feel Safe'

Following President Barack Obama's proposals for gun control on Wednesday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) expressed his support for a broad review of his state's gun laws.

Scott's press secretary Jackie Schutz said he would "listen to ideas about improving school safety during the legislative session," but did not elaborate on which existing state laws warrant scrutiny.

"Governor Scott supports the second amendment and is not proposing any gun law changes," Schutz said in a statement Thursday.

On Wednesday, Scott refused to respond to questions about Obama's proposal for universal background checks for firearm sales or the ban on assault weapons.

"I think the right thing to do is go back and look at our laws," Scott said.

After the Sandy Hook school shooting, Scott expressed his sympathy for the victims' families but did not offer a legislative response.

Despite facing stiff competition to Democrat Charlie Crist, Scott is seeking reelection in 2014.