01/18/2013 07:57 pm ET

Burning Man Pre-Sale Ticketing For Core Groups (PHOTOS)

Burning Man is rolling out even more ticketing changes.

After overhauling last year's controversial ticketing policy, organizers are introducing a pre-registration option from core contributors. Beginning January 30, 10,000 tickets will be released for a predetermined list of volunteers, interactive camps, art car projects and performance groups.

Eligibility of registration was determined by a variety of criteria. Specifically, a core contributor must have a strong history, produce community benefit, meet the Burning Man "leave no trace" standard and live up to the 10 principles outlined by the festival. The selected groups range in size, funding and kind.

Still, there is no guarantee these groups will secure tickets. Just like the public sale, the pre-sale tickets will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The new policy comes in response to a ticketing problem that resulted from last year's distribution. Following the lottery system, the demand for tickets was much greater than the supply, leaving crucial individuals ticketless. Burning Man responded to the issue by offering 10,000 tickets to core groups after the public sale.

This year, organizers are flipping the order of the sales and offering tickets to critical groups prior to opening the public sale.

"A few years ago, we never considered this kind of thing because it wasn't necessary," Burning Man Public Relations Manager Megan Miller told The Huffington Post. "Once we sold out, it made us reflect and try to think of a way to meet the needs of our core social infrastructure that we've come to rely on over the years. This is what we're experimenting with."

The directed group pre-sale begins January 30. Tickets will be available for the public beginning February 6. Ticketing information can be found on the Burning Man web site.



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