01/18/2013 06:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cute Kid Note Of The Day: 'Thank You Michelle Obama'

Today's cute kid note is a belated birthday present for the first lady.

Title: "Thank You Michelle Obama"

Author: Zen

Age: 9

Backstory: Dad tells HuffPost that Michelle Obama's healthy eating campaign inspired his son's school to plant "a small garden that they harvest for the cafeteria."

Charm factor: Zen is just as sweet as -- and less demanding than -- the royal-crown-coveting Jasmine.

Ambition factor: On the cute kid note scale, we'd say aiming for the presidency outranks getting an iPhone 5 and even playing professional soccer in terms of difficulty. But who can say if it's harder or easier than beating the "impossible game"?

Repetition factor: We'd say Zen's amply articulated love for apples is just about on a par with our old friend Wyatt's enthusiastic use of the word "cats."

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