01/18/2013 02:45 pm ET

I Said I Refused To Be Freaked Out By My ‘Advanced Maternal Age.' I Lied

I said I wasn’t going to let the “advanced maternal age” boogey monster get to me. Well, I lied. I’m only human.

When you’re pregnant, the only news you want to hear is “everything looks great!” Anything less than that becomes an immediate source of endless hours of Googling, sleepless nights and what if’s. Unless you’re the most Zen person on the planet, that is. I’m not that person. I have a new found respect for those women who skip the genetic screening all-together. My experience with it this pregnancy put me on a roller coaster ride that I am just barely getting off of now. I am five months pregnant. That is a long time to wonder if everything is okay.

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