01/18/2013 12:29 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2013

Larry Gasper, California Man, Pays $14,000 Tax Bill With Spare Change (VIDEO)

Aided by his grandkids' piggy banks, Larry Gasper paid his property taxes in spare change. All $14,000 worth.

Gasper, of Redding, Calif., settled up with coins and dollar bills he collected from family and friends, delivering the rolled-up sum in a wagon and buckets to the tax office, ABC 57 reported in the video above.

Gasper said to the station that his tree business failed a few years ago, and he had to miss a few house payments to appease the taxman. Not to mention borrowing from his grandkids' and daughters' piggy banks.

"A lot of people have offered to help a bit," he told the station.

In September, one Utah man made a not-so-civilized debt payment in coinage. Jason Robert West of Utah paid a $25 medical fee by dumping 2,500 pennies on the counter of a clinic. But he eventually had to pay a $140 fine for disorderly conduct.

A Massachusetts man proved to be more penny-wise in July. Thomas Daigle made the final mortgage payment on his Milford home with 62,000 pennies delivered in two boxes weighing a combined 800 pounds.



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