01/18/2013 06:56 pm ET

Pat Robertson Sex Fantasy: 'Bored' Virginia Couple Allegedly Seeks Role Play On Craigslist

Virginia is for lovers, and we're not here to judge anyone. But if this Craigslist ad is legit, it's possibly one of the kinkier ones we've seen.

An ad posted to the "activity partners" section of the Norfolk, Va., Craigslist Thursday afternoon seeks a Pat Robertson impersonator for a sexual role play, along with a woman to play the part of a Home Shopping Network host.

It reads, in part:

My husband I would be naked and making love in our bed all the while Pat Robertson will be constantly attempting to save our souls and the female to have ongoing dialogue trying to sell us an Ab Rocket in 3 easy payments.

Here's a screenshot of the ad, in case it gets flagged. (Or it might end up in the Best of Craigslist hall of fame.)

Kempville, as Uproxx pointed out, is a "quaint borough of Virginia Beach." Apparently, there are at least a few people thinking outside the box there.

Frankly, we're all for creative sex as long as no one gets hurt, and you've got to admit, this fantasy sounds interesting to say the least.

For what it's worth, here's Stephen Colbert's response to Robertson's thoughts on relationships.



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