01/18/2013 10:24 am ET

Police Allegedly Shoot And Kill Dog After Entering Wrong Home

Jeff Fisher, an Adams County, Colorado resident, says he watched as Adams County deputies entered his property by mistake and one of the deputies shot and killed his dog. Fisher is devastated by the loss of his animal companion and says he wants the deputy that shot the dog to be held accountable.

"That's my son. I've had him for 8 years. That's my son," Fisher said to 9News describing how much he cared for his beloved dog Ziggy.

Fisher says that the deputies were responding to a burglary at a nearby residence but entered Fisher's property in error, he tells The Denver Post.

"He (Ziggy) ran past the police officer at the door and he just wanted to see who it was and the police officer shot him three times," Fisher said to 7News. "He killed my dog for no reason, no reason at all."

What's worse is that according to Fisher, the deputy showed little remorse for Fisher who was understandably horrified at what he just witnessed. According to Fisher, as he was on the floor crying "hysterically," the deputy simply told him that he must calm down because he can "get a new dog," CBS4 reports.

This is the third controversial animal shooting by police in recent months in Colorado. In Commerce City last November, home video depicted an officer shooting a clearly restrained dog five times. That officer is now facing an aggravated cruelty to animals charge.

Earlier this month, Boulder police were involved in the shooting of a beloved neighborhood elk in the Mapleton Hills community.

Boulder police say that an on-duty officer said that he saw the elk injured and decided it needed to be put down so he shot it with his shotgun. However the officer who shot the elk did not report the shooting nor did he notify his superiors that he fired his weapon. Later an off-duty Boulder officer came to pick up the elk's carcass, The Boulder Daily Camera reports. The, off-duty officer called in sick the night of the shooting and runs a taxidermy website.

The killing sparked outrage in the community and was followed by a candlelight vigil for the elk -- a vigil that drew hundreds of people.

There were also conflicting reports that the elk, which had been seen in the area for several weeks, was exhibiting agressive behavior toward humans, however a number of people living in the Mapleton neighborhood insist that not only was the elk healthy but that it was not agressive toward people.

Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett is expected to announce today if the officers involved will face charges.

"I just can't believe what is happening in this state," Fisher told The Denver Post. "I feel police need to be better trained."



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