01/18/2013 08:31 am ET Updated Jan 19, 2013

Protect Your Floors From Scratches When Moving Furniture

Flickr photo by Linda N.

If you’ve read our recent post on Feng Shui tips for your home, you may find yourself moving furniture around to gain peace and balance. Or you may not believe in that stuff at all, and you’re just rearranging for a change of scenery. Either way, you’re going to want to protect your floors from scratches. Luckily, Real Simple found a great way to do that.

Simply place socks onto the legs of tables and chairs. When the furniture is moved, the socks will allow it to slide across the floor instead of dragging, which can cause scuffs.

This is a great way to avoid spending money on expensive furniture sliders. Plus, it’s a better than throwing old socks away -- put them to good use instead.

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