01/18/2013 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Red Lobster Takeout Container Contains Offensive Note (PHOTO)

A couple dining at a Red Lobster restaurant outside Albany, N.Y., were surprised to find a bizarrely offensive note written on their takeout container, the Times Union reports.

Cherry Ryan and her husband were eating dinner at the Colonie seafood restaurant when they had what seemed like a pretty minor argument with their waiter over the bill.

When the couple looked at their takeout box the next day, they were "shocked and disturbed" to find the words “Rooster & Bitch Box” (or “Boy”) written across the top, according to the report.

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red lobster offensive note

When reached for comment by the Times Union's Steve Barnes, the chain restaurant passed the complaint along to corporate. Red Lobster spokeswoman Heidi Schauer eventually responded, saying that the general manager had reached out to the couple to apologize.

Visit the Times Union to read the statement from Red Lobster.

The Red Lobster incident is only the latest in a lengthy string of notes and insults written on items from food establishments.

Last month, a trio of California friends were saddened to find someone had written "fat girls" on their check at Chilly D's Sports Lounge. The owner of the establishment later apologized for the insult.

In September, a Korean-American customer dining at a Hooters in Queens, N.Y., found that an employee had written the racial slur "chinx" on the receipt.

And in November, the tables were reversed when a picture of an Applebee's receipt posted to Reddit seemed to show the customers calling the server a fat bitch.

Once in a while, customers even discover creative "discounts" on their receipts.

For example, a woman was surprised to find she had been given a $0.02 discount on her veggie bowl this August for her "Best Butt" and "Best Looking" qualities.



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