01/18/2013 03:57 am ET

'Suits' Premiere: After Mike Goes Too Far, Harvey Knocks Him Back Into Line (VIDEO)

Harvey had to lay down the law on the mid-season premiere of "Suits." Of course Mike didn't want to play by the rules -- after all, he is a lawyer who never actually passed the bar and isn't technically supposed to practice law. Harvey has gone out on a limb to protect his protege time and again, but every once in a while, he has to reestablish their relationship.

"You know what? I’ve had it up to here with you blaming me for every choice that comes with this job," Harvey told Mike. "The next time I have the option to cross a line to save you, I’ll send you packing and not think twice."

Mike was clearly still reeling from the loss of his grandmother and his parents before that. It was clearly clouding his judgment. Harvey once again backed his unorthodox play to protect him -- this time, he had to go through with a bribe -- but he rightfully knocked some sense into the younger man.

In fact, he knocked so much sense into him that Mike went home and ended things with Tess. The two of them weren't doing one another any favors, and the future only looked dark -- and high -- if they'd stayed together any longer.

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