01/18/2013 03:41 pm ET

Wedding Disaster: Everything Goes Wrong For One Unlucky Couple (VIDEO)

Is this the most unlucky bride and groom ever?

Newlyweds Ravayna and David Coe told "Good Morning America" Friday that everything from the venue to the flowers went wrong on their wedding day last October.

When Ravayna arrived at the New Orleans hotel where they were set to marry, she discovered that the property had no grass or bushes, the kitchen was closed for renovations and about one-third of the flowers they'd ordered were dead. When the groom's tux arrived, it was three sizes too big.

When the big day finally arrived, the weather was so hot that Ravayna almost passed out while taking photos.

Luckily, the couple still made it down the aisle in spite of their wedding nightmare.

"It's one day and this is the rest of our lives," Ravayna said. "In the grade scale of things, eh, what're you going to do?"

Watch the video above for more on the Coes' unlucky wedding.

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