01/18/2013 07:25 am ET

'What Not To Wear': Jersey Girl Has Breakdown At The Thought Of Losing Her 'Duck Nails' (VIDEO)

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly certainly had their hands full with Tristen, a Jersey girl who loves attention, on "What Not to Wear." She's also a bit of a fashion trendsetter, at least according to her. She spends a lot on accessories and bags, but Stacy and Clinton thought she still managed to look cheap. The biggest offender, in their opinion, had nothing to do with her skimpy, tight clothing. It was her nails.

Tristen called her over-sized flat-tipped nails "duck nails" and was apparently very, very attached to them. So much so that she lashed out at Stacy and Clinton when they dared suggest they at least trim them down and maybe reshape them. She told them she wasn't ready to lose the nails and that was that.

"I will tell you I think that would be a huge mistake, and I almost feel like no matter what we put you in it’s still gonna look cheap," Clinton told her.

She agreed to try new nails, but then had a breakdown when it came down to it. "I’m really hot right now and I’m really freaking out here!" she said, getting more and more agitated as the process went on. But she went through with it, leaving them long but less garish. And in the end, the makeover worked. She looked classy and beautiful.

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