01/19/2013 06:07 pm ET

Bill Clinton On Gun Control: 'Do Not Patronize The Passionate Supporters Of Your Opponents'

With President Barack Obama's gun-control plans out in the open, former President Bill Clinton spoke out Saturday on the need to proceed with caution.

Appearing before Obama's National Finance Committee and various business leaders, Clinton stressed that guns present different cultural complexities than other political issues.

"Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them," he said, according to Politico.

Clinton's comments echoed similar thoughts from April 2012, when he advised Obama to not bother with gun-control legislation for cultural reasons.

On Jan. 9 in Las Vegas, Clinton did address the use of high-capacity magazines in the United States, characterizing the presence of those weapons as "nuts."

"Why does anybody need one of those things that carries 100 bullets?," he asked.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden revealed their gun control plan last Wednesday, which included criminal background checks on all gun sales, the reinstitution of an assault weapons ban, and a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines.



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