01/21/2013 07:16 pm ET

Martin Luther King III: Nation 'Has Fallen Short' On Addressing Poverty (VIDEO)

As the nation remembers the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. today, the civil rights leader's eldest living child told HuffPost Live that "the nation has fallen short" in carrying out his father's fight against poverty.

Martin Luther King III told HuffPost Live hosts Jacob Soboroff and Alyona Minkovski that America at large, not just President Barack Obama, has failed to forge an agenda that provides relief to the poor. King, who now works as a human rights activist himself, noted that the number of Americans living in poverty has doubled since his father's era.

"The numbers are growing," King told HuffPost Live. "I think a number of people had moved into the middle class ranks and the foreclosure crisis came along and thrust people back into poverty. If there is an area where we have not focused, it is on entrepreneurship, creating opportunities so that people can lift themselves out of impoverished conditions."

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