01/21/2013 02:57 pm ET

Civil Rights Icons Discuss Obama's Inauguration And Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy (VIDEO)

Claudette Colvin, an icon of the civil rights movement, joined HuffPost Live on the morning of President Barack Obama's second Inauguration to discuss how far we have come as a nation and how far we still have to go with regard to civil rights.

In 1955 in Montgomery, Ala., Colvin was ordered to move out of her seat on a public bus so a white woman could sit across from her. She refused and was removed from the bus by police. Since then, Colvin has continued to call out for equality.

Speaking with HuffPost Live about Obama's reelection, Colvin said "what I want this to represent to the young ... I want them to feel that they can share in the American dream."

Also joining the discussion was Clarence B. Jones, a close friend of Dr. King's. Jones brought up Dr. King's opposition to inequality and violence, issues present in the country today, saying that King would ask of President Obama "what kind of nation are we? What are our core values?"

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