01/22/2013 11:21 am ET

Alec Baldwin On 'Girls': '30 Rock' Actor Wants To Play Hannah's Therapist

When "Girls" creator Lena Dunham told Alec Baldwin on his podcast "Here's The Thing" that Season 3 of "Girls" would begin shooting in March, Baldwin told her he would be available.

"I’ll come and play your therapist," he said of Dunham's Hannah Horvath. "You need one ... bad."

All jokes aside, Baldwin may actually be available in March with the final season of "30 Rock" coming to an end. And although he's now sad to say goodbye to the beloved NBC series, there was a time when Baldwin was ready to ditch his character Jack Donaghy a season early.

"It was the low point," he told Rolling Stone. "Though even anemic '30 Rock' writing is still better than everybody else's writing. I go, 'I'm going to get the fuck out of here, I'm done,' because I'm an employee, I don't have any say. So Season 5 ends, and I'm saying 'Next year, I'm done,' then I come back, and Season 6 is really good, we all had fun again."

"Girls" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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