01/22/2013 03:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Ad Seeks 'Beautiful Ladies' To Act As 'Secret Agents,' Seduce Business Leaders (PHOTO)

Wannabe Bond girls rejoice! Now you can become real-life femme fatales of finance.

According to an ad posted on, a escort classifieds site, someone is apparently hiring "beautiful ladies" to extract trade secrets by "seducing" business leaders. Each mission -- should you unwisely choose to accept them -- will earn you $5,000 to $20,000.

Of course, there's a chance you could get lucky, considering how bunglingly inept finance-types can be when it comes to romance. Wall Street bankers have a history of keeping detailed spreadsheets of potential girlfriends, giving out first-date surveys and even outsourcing their own love life. What's worse, they're even -- gasp -- "bad in bed," says one anonymous Wall Street escort, who may or may not be a killing it on the stock market right now.

Check out the ad posted on here:

backpage business secret agents

(Hat tip: Business Insider)



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