01/22/2013 10:07 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2013

Chris Matthews: Republicans Will Have To 'Rig The Elections' To Win From Now On (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews said that Republicans will have to resort to rigging elections in order to win, in his commentary after President Obama's inaugural speech on Monday.

He was offering post-speech analysis on MSNBC, along with Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Chris Hayes. Matthews said that it would be "frightening" if Republican lawmakers controlled states like Pennsylvania, suggesting that they would try to break up blocs of black, Democratic voters.

Maddow agreed. That could happen in "Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia [and] Ohio," she said.

"There's so much willingness to rig the elections by the Republicans," Matthews said. "They know they’re heading into demographic trouble. They know they're going to be a minority in this country. It's almost like Lebanon — we've got to fake the census now, y'know?"

"And what I see them doing is saying, 'Okay, we know we're never going to be popular again, so we're going to have to rig it," he remarked.

(h/t Mediaite)



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