01/22/2013 02:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad 2013 Axes Polar Bears, Gets Interactive (VIDEO)

In what is perhaps a nod to global warming, Coca-Cola is abandoning its polar bear ad campaign at the Super Bowl this year and instead taking viewers into the sweaty desert.

The company’s Super Bowl campaign features three teams that are competing to be the first to get to a Coke bottle mirage, Coke executives told reporters in a webcast Tuesday. Viewers can vote online at for either the Cowboys, the Bandlanders or the Showgirls to reach the bottle first.

Viewers can also delay the other teams by watching a number of "sabotage" videos, one of which features a cameo appearance by a Domino's delivery man.

Voting begins Tuesday and will run through the end of the Super Bowl. The team with the most votes will be featured in an ad that will air immediately after the game.

Coke is one of a number of companies trying to engage fans online and on social media during the Super Bowl this year. Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods are leaking parts of their commercials online early in hopes that viewers will share them on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, according to the New York Times.

Twitter is reportedly increasing the price of its “promoted trend” ad buy, which typically sells for $120,000 for a 24-hour spot, according to AdWeek.



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