01/22/2013 05:48 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2013

Father, Son Have First Argument; Baby Insists On Calling His Dad 'Bob' (VIDEO)

Though his father repeats "dad" over and over, Joey insists on using a different name.

Oh, Joey. Don't you know that your father prefers to be called "Dad," not Bob?

In this cute baby video, uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 21, a father and son get into their first argument over dad's name.

Joey's father repeats "dad" over and over, in an attempt to teach his son what to call him. However, baby Joey insists on call his father "Bob."

Persistence proves to be key, as Joey eventually acquiesces and calls his father by his rightful name: Dad. (Score for daddies everywhere!)

Last January, another father tried to convince his baby to answer the question "Who's your favorite parent?" Despite trying to trick his daughter into saying "dad" in the "battle of wits," she continued to insist that "mum" was the favorite.