01/22/2013 07:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grandma Pearl And Adam London, 'Happy Cane' Owners, Launch Kickstarter Project (VIDEO)

A Bay Area grandmother is putting some spring back in her step, one cane at a time.

Eighty-nine-year-old Pearl Malkin and her grandson Adam London launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote her new product the "Happy Cane." The line features walking sticks decked out in faux flowers.

Malkin, known as "Grandma Pearl," came up with the idea several weeks ago after experiencing symptoms of vertigo. Bored with the traditional cane, she opted to jazz hers up with pink and purple flowers.

"I said 'stop sitting on your rear end, you're so creative,'" Grandma Pearl told The Huffington Post. "I'm going to be a snazzy woman like Dolly Parton."

When 29-year-old London heard about his grandma's project, he decided to take the business to the next level. He helped Grandma Pearl create a video advertisement and set up a Kickstarter page. The money will be used to create a line of canes for an etsy store.

Over 12 backers have already signed on to support the project since it launched January 22. Rewards range from a signed copy of a book written about Grandma Pearl by her son, to a one year subscription of kooky voicemails from the woman herself. For $500, backers can dine with Grandma Pearl in her San Rafael home.

Happy Canes has given Grandma Pearl a second shot at life. She previously worked as a standup comedian and volunteered for local organizations. Bringing joy to others has always been her priority.

"I'm the kind of person god put on the earth to make people laugh," she says. "I have had more fun in two weeks than in my lifetime."

London is a self-described entrepreneur, and, according to Grandma Pearl, "more attractive than George Clooney." He hopes to launch his own Kickstarter campaign in April. In addition to relationship advice, Grandma Pearl has also taught him lessons about business.

"You've got have chutzpah. You've just got to do it," London told the HuffPost. "Who knew I was going to go into business with my 89-year-old grandma?"

Take a look at Grandma Pearl's hilarious kickstarter campaign video below:



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