01/22/2013 01:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence Yearbook Photo: Actress Bears Striking Resemblance To Justin Timberlake (PHOTO)

Rolling Stone dubbed Jennifer Lawrence the "coolest chick in Hollywood," and HuffPost Celebrity readers voted her the "sexiest woman alive," but the Golden Globe-winning actress wasn't always quite so ready for the spotlight.

We came across this adorable 2005 photo of the actress from back when she was an eighth grader with a really bad perm and we couldn't help but notice that young Lawrence bears a striking resemblance to a young Justin Timberlake. Those curls, those baby blues -- it's uncanny, really.

As the Oscar-nominated 22-year-old continues to wow us with her acting chops and make us adore her with every zany comment, we take a bit of solace in knowing that she too was once an awkward kid, like the rest of us.

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jennifer lawrence yearbook photo

Jennifer Lawrence