01/22/2013 09:18 am ET Updated Mar 24, 2013

Morning Links: The Drug War's Enduring Harm, Google Earl Maps Korean Labor Camps, Billie Holiday On Occupational Licensing

-- A century from now, I we'll look back at imperialist U.S. drug policy as one of the most catastrophic foreign policy mistakes in American history. The direct impact is obvious, and bad enough. But there's also the indirect impact. The drug war has soured an entire continent to us. That means hostility to otherwise sound policies -- like economic policy -- because they come from the same source as the drug war. And they're a hell of a lot worse off for it.

-- There's some evidence that the earth may have been struck by a gamma ray in the 8th century.

-- Can DEA agents trespass onto your property, install hidden surveillance cameras, then monitor your activities to collect evidence leading to your arrest and conviction -- all without a warrant? The U.S. Supreme Court may soon consider that question. At the moment, it appears they can.

-- Leaf blower portraits.

-- Google Earth now shows the locations of North Korean concentration camps.

-- Billie Holiday on the evils of the drug war and occupational licensing.

-- The case against banning "assault weapons," as inadvertently made by a publication that favors banning "assault weapons."

-- WTF, Evolution?