Shep Smith On Guns: 'If We Stuck With The Polls, We'd Have Had Slavery A Lot Longer' (VIDEO)

Fox News' Shep Smith compared the fight for gun control to the fight against slavery during his coverage of the inauguration on Monday.

Speaking to The Hill's A.B. Stoddard, Smith wondered whether any stricter gun control proposals would pass through Congress. Stoddard was skeptical.

"You think large capacity magazines?" Smith said. "No chance for that?" "Right now, the numbers don't exist on the Republican or Democratic side," Stoddard said.

"Closing ... the gun show loophole?" Smith pressed. "The polls show a change in support," Stoddard began. "If you poll the members of Congress--"

"If we stuck with the polls, though, we'd have had slavery a lot longer than we did," Smith cut in.

"That is right," Stoddard conceded.

Smith is not the first in the media to equate gun control with other major social movements.

(h/t Mediaite)



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