01/22/2013 03:25 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2013

The Best Memes And GIFs From Inauguration Day 2013

Inauguration Day is a day meant to symbolize hope and change and an optimistic, sunny future for these United States of America, and all that crap -- it's also when we pray the First Lady and Beyoncé make out, look at photobombs involving horny former presidents, and laugh at weird hats. And what a great day it is.

The highlights in Washington D.C. yesterday were plentiful: Barack Obama renewing his oaths on Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln's Bibles; Michelle Obama's bangs; Kelly Clarkson and Bey's performances; the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir bringing back the word "Tabernacle"; Mitt Romney not being there; a "Gay Latino reading poetry at a government-sponsored event," to quote Erin Gloria Ryan, etc. etc. etc. But enough facts, you're screaming, let's get to the funny pictures and GIFs, for you can't spell "inauguration" without "GIF." Almost.