01/22/2013 04:32 am ET Updated Jan 22, 2013

'The Biggest Loser': Who Pushed Jillian Michaels To Declare That She Doesn't Care Anymore? (VIDEO)

Jeff became the center of an argument between trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels on "The Biggest Loser." After a week off-campus where they were helping the show's child ambassadors train at home, the two trainers joined forces for their last chance workout. There, Jillian's tough approach clashed with Jeff's defensive and sarcastic demeanor.

Finally, she sent him away to work with Bob. He went defiantly and with plenty of attitude. Jillian said she was done and didn't care, but Bob knew better. "That’s why you came back, you care! So quit saying that you don’t!" he said in a confessional, referencing Jillian's return to the show this season.

With the trainers away, the Blue Team seemed to struggle to find their motivation in the gym, but it was Jillian's tiny White Team that struggled on the scales. After losing a member last week, the Red Team rallied around their new and surprising leader Jackson, who helped motivate them to their third weigh-in victory in the first four weeks.

With only two members, there was no vote when the White Team lost. Pam had the lowest percentage of weight lost and was automatically eliminated. That leaves Jillian with only Danni left to train. How long before they mix-up the teams, or will Danni remain a team of one for awhile?

Find out as "The Biggest Loser" races on, Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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