01/23/2013 10:34 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2013

Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey Up For Marvel's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'?

Because there aren't enough actors attached, circling or thinking about Marvel's upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy," Latino Review reports that Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey are being considered for roles in the film.

Sandler and Carrey would reportedly lend their voices to "Guardians of the Galaxy," the 2014 Marvel release that was teased at the end of "Marvel's The Avengers." (That Hulk-like guy who you didn't know? It was Thanos, a Marvel supervillain who tangles with the Guardians.)

Previous names mentioned in connection with "Guardians of the Galaxy" include Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he passed), Jim Sturgess, Zachary Levi, John Krasinski, Eddie Redmayne, Lee Pace and Joel Edgerton. They were all discussed to play the part of Peter Quill (also known as Star-Lord), the half-human, half-alien leader of the Guardians. Sandler and Carrey would voice two of the non-human members of the crew, perhaps Maybe Rocket Raccoon, a raccoon, or Groot, a plant monster from outer space. (Comic books.)

For more on "Guardians of the Galaxy," including which "Hunger Games" star could play Quill, head over to Latino Review.

[via Latino Review]

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