01/23/2013 10:52 am ET

In Defense Of Marnie, The Most Hated Girl On 'Girls'

In their assessment of the latest episode of Girls, the boys of Slate are dissing Marnie. Forrest thinks her character is “still a little bit of a drag,” as in, “a necessary bummer.” He also calls actress Allison Williams the “weak link.” David parried with a single moment of Marnie hilarity—her exchange with Elijah over whether to tell Hannah they tried to have sex—but didn’t mount a broader defense.

Marnie didn’t get much love in the outpouring of Girls affection last season, either. I remember that because as a Marnie type, I’m sensitive to the slights. Marnie is essential to the show because, yes, someone in the quartet has to be uptight and traditionally careerist. But she’s also a mirror for people (people like me!) who are forever less fluttery and fun and carefree than their friends. We Marnies may make you Jessas roll your eyes, but we’re prized for being solid and reliable, too.

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