01/23/2013 09:16 am ET

Jon Stewart Trashes MSNBC, Fox News & CNN's Predictable Inauguration Coverage (VIDEO)

MSNBC, Fox News and CNN have all nestled into their roles as left, right and "color commentary" networks respectively, which is convenient when you're deciding how you want to get your news. But as Jon Stewart pointed out on Tuesday's "Daily Show", the predictability of the news outlets' reactions to major events, such as the second inauguration of Barack Obama, can still occasionally take you aback by how on-message it is.

Of course, as is often the case, Fox News still wins the day for insisting that the invisible boogie man in the chair who hates both God and guns is the one we just inaugurated. Funny, we thought there was a whole lot of God talk during the inauguration, and as for guns, well, cannons are pretty much the most awesome guns ever, so, yeah, there were guns.

Watch Jon's look at the contradictory media coverage above and let us know who you think did the best job. The smart money is probably on CSPAN, or the Weather Channel.



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