01/23/2013 08:58 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2013

'Mad Men' Return Date: Season 6 Premiere Date Set For April

"Mad Men" will take you back to the '60s in April when the series returns to AMC.

"Mad Men" Season 6 debuts on Sunday, April 7 at 9 p.m. ET with a two-hour premiere. On April 14, the show moves to its regular 10 p.m. timeslot. Jon Hamm directed that second installment of Season 6.

"Mad Men" creator and executive producer Matt Weiner revealed some details on the new season. “We’re at the next stage of their lives and I think you really feel that ... There’s an attempt to explore an internal dynamic," he told EW. In regards to Don Draper (Hamm), Weiner added, "I'm sure there’s some version of it in the previous five [seasons], but I want to acknowledge the fact that the audience knows this man very well, so what he does is never going to surprise them. How he does it and why he does it should surprise them."

When "Mad Men" returns, there's a time jump, but Weiner declined to say how much time has gone by since Season 5 ended. And fear not, everybody -- including Elisabeth Moss -- will be back, but in what capacity? You'll have to tune in.

"I can tell you their names are in the credits," Weiner told TV Guide. "And none of the cast has been let go."

The end of the series is on the horizon and Weiner says the writers want to ensure they tell every story they want to tell. "With the shadow of the show ending -- and with the world in the state that it’s in, which is far more important than the show -- the writers and the actors and I have been able to get into a groove about a season that may be accidentally relevant just because it was in our minds," he told EW. "We've been taking advantage of the 26 episodes we have left to do all the things that we’ve wanted to do, and so far I think that the audience is in for quite a ride."

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