01/23/2013 04:53 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2013

'Parenthood' Finale: Kristina's Cancer Update, Adoption, Pregnancy, And Heartbreak (VIDEO)

As it seems to do every year, "Parenthood" wrapped its season with no guarantee it will be back next year. The writers seem to be prepared, though, as they always leave viewers fully satisfied with how things end. It's not about cliffhangers on "Parenthood," it's about genuine moments and heart. This season finale had plenty of both.

Perhaps the biggest weight was lifted from Kristina's chest when she finally got a "cancer-free" diagnosis. This was enough for her to agree to join Adam on a much-needed vacation to Hawaii.

There was plenty of good news for the family as well, with both Crosby and Julia welcoming new life into the fold. Crosby found out that Jasmine is pregnant with their second child, while Julia and Joel finalized the adoption of Victor into the family. Even Sydney reluctantly got on board with the idea of having a brother.

The whole family showed up for the adoption ceremony, with each of them offering a speech of welcome and support to Victor before the judge officially signed off on him joining the family. It was a touching moment.

Sarah had a decision to make this week, and she did. She chose Hank over Mark, only to have Hank reveal to her that he was moving to another state. He did declare his love for her and invited her to go with him. That decision will have to wait for a Season 5 renewal announcement.

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