01/23/2013 07:25 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2013

Beyonce's Alleged Lip-Syncing Hits Late Night, Discussed By Jennifer Lopez And LeAnn Rimes (VIDEO)

Tuesday's late night talk shows saw a lot of chatter about Beyonce's alleged lip-syncing of the National Anthem during President Obama's second inauguration. Both Jennifer Lopez and LeAnn Rimes weighed in on the discussion, and both of them sided with Beyonce, citing various reasons why lip-syncing is sometimes the right thing to do.

"There are times when people will ask you to do it and they will not let you do it unless you do it because they want control of what happens," Rimes said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Lopez cited a different reason pre-recorded audio is sometimes used during her appearance on "The Daily Show." "In certain venues they do pre-record things because you’re gonna have that terrible slapback."

Both women said that lip-syncing is simply something that all singers have to do at one point or another. But did Beyonce? While the singer has yet to comment on the controversy, she did post a photo to Instagram showing her with the sheet music to "The Star-Spangled Banner" in what looked like a recording studio. Perhaps she's not trying to hide anything about what happened.

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