01/24/2013 09:43 am ET

'American Horror Story' Ending For 'Asylum' How FX Influenced Ryan Murphy

The "American Horror Story: Asylum" ending fans saw wasn't the original way Ryan Murphy planned to end the Briarcliff saga.

In an interview with EW, Murphy revealed the original final episode was going to be the complete first act: Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) and her documentary about taking down Briarcliff.

"The original finale was gonna be Sarah Paulson now free, a Jacqueline Susann/Truman Capote type, gets a kick in her conscience from Kit and goes back in and shuts that down," Murphy told EW. "And we were gonna have the whole last hour be a documentary of her doing that."

What changed? "I think when we were working on that I thought 'I don’t want to see feces smeared people for an hour. It’s so grim.'"

The plot took a turn while Episode 10 of the "Asylum" was filming, according to Murphy. "We thought let’s give Jude a happy ending," he said. "Let’s make that one act. But let’s really make the last act Paulson vs. Bloody Face."

Murphy said he had help from FX boss John Landgraf
. "I was thrilled with the changes. I was very thrilled with how emotional it was," he said. "Some of that was John Landgraf who felt very strongly that Kit needed to go back in and get Sister Jude out not for himself but for his children. That dialogue was all sort of John’s that I thought was very beautiful. Tim [Minear] did a breath-taking script. It just all came together."

Paulson told The Huffington Post she was happy with Lana's ending
. "I really feel like it was unlike anything I've ever done before because you very rarely get to tell the beginning, middle and end of a person's life ... I was very proud and happy with the way that they tied up the end of the story. I think the final scene of the episode is pretty extraordinary in terms of storytelling and the writing. I think it was pretty brilliant of them to do it in the way they did."

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