01/24/2013 07:13 am ET

'Cheer Perfection': Team Mom Refuses To Help After Her Daughter Isn't Taken To Chicago (VIDEO)

Team mom Ann was very upset on "Cheer Perfection." She was upset because her daughter wasn't chosen as one of the five cheerleaders to represent the team in Chicago. She was so upset, in fact, that she shirked her duties as team mom, refusing to answer calls from the mother of one of the cheerleaders that is going to perform.

Andrea, the mother trying to contact Ann, suspected what was up. She was trying to get in touch with Ann because she had some questions about makeup.

"She’s probably ignoring my call on purpose, that heifer," Andrea said. "You’re gonna punish these kids; they’re gonna have terrible hair and makeup just because you’re so jealous that we’re in Chicago and you’re not."

She got it exactly right. As the phone rang, Ann ignored it, saying, "I just sat back and giggled." Way to be a team player, much less a team mom.

The bad behavior continues every Wednesday on "Cheer Perfection" at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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