01/24/2013 02:26 pm ET

Cindy Uwanawich, A 'Psychic,' Arrested For Allegedly Charging $9,000 To Get Rid Of A Dead Stalker

A woman claiming to be a psychic was in police custody Wednesday for allegedly telling a client that forking over $9,000 would release her of a dead stalker.

Cindy Uwanawich, a 56-year-old resident of Crestline, Calif. who has also gone by Cindy McKinney, has a storefront business called Psychic Door, the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, Patch reports.

The alleged victim had two $50 appointments with Uwanawich. On Dec. 17, "Uwanawich told the victim she had the spirit of a person who had drowned attached to her and if she gave her nine pennies, nine nickles, nine dimes, nine quarters and $9,000.00 for nine days the spirit would be removed," according to a sheriff statement, Mountain News reports.

"The victim gave Uwanawich a large sum of cash with the promise it would be returned. Uwanawich did not return the funds," the statement continued.

Uwanawich was arrested at her place of business on Jan. 18, booked on suspicion of embezzlement and bail is set at $50,000, CBS reports.

Detectives are looking for other victims. If you have any information, call 909-336-0600.



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