01/24/2013 09:04 am ET

Disney & 'Star Wars': 'Empire Strikes Back' Easter Egg Shows First Connection Between Two Powers

Mickey Mouse is your father?

As noticed by Star Wars Blog writer Pablo Hidalgo (via Slashfilm), the connection between Lucasfilm and Disney goes back much farther than Oct. 30, 2012, the date Disney purchased George Lucas' empire. In fact, "Star Wars" and Disney were first put together 33 years ago ... in "Star Wars."

During the climatic lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back," none other than Mickey Mouse can be spotted in the background. As Hidalgo writes, "Just pointing out something that you’ll now never be able to un-see."

Head over to Star Wars Blog to see the full Mickey Mouse cameo ("cameo"). Disney and Lucasfilm are busy putting together "Star Wars: Episode VII," because we now live in a world where there needs to be more "Star Wars" movies.

[Star Wars Blog via Slashfilm]

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