01/24/2013 03:36 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2013

Gabi Fresh Distinguishes Between Fashion Trends And Runway Fashion (VIDEO)

Black Voices takes a look at the hottest influencers and tastemakers today and goes behind the scenes to provide a personal look at their lives, their vision, their passion.

This week’s installment of our “Influencer” series features part two of our interview with Detroit-native-turned blogger Gabi Fresh, as she continues to open up on her personal style.

Although the Chicago-resident has recognized the growing trend of established fashion brands expanding their clothing lines to include plus-size women, she said she also takes a few cues from those living in eclectic metropolitan cities.

“I’m inspired by pretty much everything…I get inspiration from movies, TV shows, specifically street style,” the 26-year-old admitted. “So I’m all about street style and turning fashion-forward runway pieces and outfits into personal style. Because I think there’s a very big difference between people who have a strong sense of personal style versus people who just copy runway trends.”

“So I love finding inspiration from street style blogs, specifically living in New York, Chicago, and other metropolitan areas,” she continued. “It’s just awesome to literally walk around downtown or little cool neighborhoods and see what people are wearing.”

Check out more of Gabi Fresh’s inspirational story in the clip above, and part one of her interview below.