01/24/2013 07:12 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2013

'Ghost Hunters': While Investigating A 200-Year-Old Mission, The Team's Mics Go Out At The Same Time (VIDEO)

It was off to a California mission for the TAPS team on the latest installment of "Ghost Hunters." The 200-year-old structure is thought to be haunted after an earthquake in 1812 buried and killed dozens of people inside it. Locals have reported seeing a monk there, as well as the spirit of a young girl.

The team was given unprecedented access, moving in areas that no one had been allowed in for years. Just as they were asking for the spirits to reach out to them and communicate, something unexpected happened.

All of their mics went dead at the exact same time. The batteries had all died, which the team confirmed is something that's never happened before. As they pointed out, electrical interference like the team experienced is usually indicative of paranormal activity. The mission was certainly spooky enough.

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