01/24/2013 02:11 pm ET

Joy Behar: Beyonce Should Sing Live At Super Bowl

Now that CNN has confirmed that Beyonce did in fact lip-sync at the inauguration, will the superstar have to perform live at the Super Bowl? Yes.

“She's going to have to sing live on the Super Bowl if she likes it or not,” Joy Behar tells The Huffington Post on the set of her Current TV show. “100 percent, because otherwise everyone will be bored with the whole thing because they will know it’s just a CD playing. Women always get in trouble for faking anything these days. I give her a little credit -- the girl is still faking it when the rest of us have stopped.”

In the past, many celebrities have sung along to pre-recorded tracks during the Super Bowl halftime show, which has become more and more elaborate over the years. Additionally, the complex production and technical issues associated with assembling a stage so quickly have forced producers to take fewer chances.

“Beyonce has to now sing live for the rest of her life,” Joy’s guest Sarah Bernard says. “She might have to bring the baby out and have her crying into the microphone so everyone knows it's actually happening right before our eyes. “It’s a little bit unfair, with all the dancing you have to now do to make your show look fabulous. It's legitimately hard to sing and dance at the same time. I think it's a real problem. It might mean her show is not going to be as exciting as what it once was going to be.”

"The demands of modern Super Bowl production are such that at this point, pretty much nobody does the show completely live -- doesn't matter if you're Bruce Springsteen or Madonna," Billboard Editor-in-Chief Joe Levy tells The Huffington Post. "Beyonce has killed singing live in high-profile TV gigs before -- think of her performance with Prince at the Grammys in 2004 -- and with people watching for it, you can count on it happening here. Other things may happen as well -- surprises and pyro are Super Bowl halftime traditions -- but you can rest easy that live singing will be involved."

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