01/24/2013 03:31 pm ET

Kardashians Slam Former Stepmother For Spreading Rumors About Family

The Kardashians are speaking out against their former stepmother, Ellen Kardashian, for making serious allegations about their family.

On Wednesday, Robert Kardashian's widow, whom he married two months before his death in 2003, released what she claims are his handwritten journals dating back to 1989. The details of these journals paint the late lawyer's then-wife, Kris Jenner, as an abusive and negligent mother.

Ellen Kardashian has a long history of spreading rumors about her late husband's family, and the Kardashians have had enough. In a series of tweets, Khloe fought back against the allegations, calling her former stepmother a "piece of trash" and a "disgrace."

Khloe also wrote that Ellen "should be hiding in shame for all of the lies [she] sells to tabloids," and added that her former stepmother has "no right to even mention our names especially my mother's. We don't know you!!! How dare you spread such lies! You are a disgrace"

The 28-year-old reality star finished her rant against her father's widow by alleging that it's only because she had to file for bankruptcy that Ellen is now selling false stories about the family to the tabloids.

"Hope that money buys you water in hell," she tweeted.

Likewise, Kim also responded to Ellen's allegations, telling her fans not to believe the lies.

"PS that story that my mom beat me & threatened to kill me hahahhahaha! I'd beat her! JK truly laughable! #NOTTRUE," she tweeted, adding, "Prob done responding to fakeness for a while but I knew this weeks stories hurt my mom & I will set record straight 2 protect her! #Fam1st"

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